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The Music

To order an advance copy of "Decaf Life" without going through our online store, see the "News" tab and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

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New Recordings
Past Recordings
Demo Reel

New Recordings

“Decaf Life” -NEW! (November 2009 release)

Sound clips:

  1. Blue Tang
  2. Born to Impress
  3. Daylight Katy
  4. Decaf Life
  5. Imaginary Love
  6. Laughter in the Rain
  7. Living Proof
  8. One Sunday Afternoon
  9. Small Stuff
  10. State of Grace
  11. Dreamers Holiday
  12. Romanza
  13. Gino Vanelli Medley
  14. People Are Funny

CD Credits:

  • SPECIAL GUEST on nylon string guitar (Daylight Katy only) To find out who, you need to see the inside liner notes of the CD. His management prohibited us from using his name in our advertising without paying a substantial fee, so we declined on that, but we’re really glad to have him on the album!
  • Greg Stone, Electric Guitar, Banjo
  • Tony Moretta, Electric Guitar
  • Tim Johns, Electric and Acoustic guitars, backup vocals on ‘People Are Funny’
  • Billy Abdo, Electric and acoustic guitars on ‘Laughter In the Rain’
  • Lou Bartolomucci, Nylon String guitar
  • Paul Delong, drums
  • Steve Hoy, drums
  • Dr. David Saslove, electric bass on ‘People Are Funny’
  • Tony Carlucci, trumpet
  • Terry Townson, trumpet and flugelhorn
  • Dave Dunlop, trumpet
  • Andy Gravitas, trumpet on ‘People Are Funny’
  • Danny Douglas, trombone
  • Gisele Fredette, backup vocals on ‘People Are Funny’
  • Lorraine Lawson, backup vocals
  • Keisha Wint, backup vocals
Past Recordings

“Zing Zing-a-Zing!”

Zing Zing-a-Zing CD cover

Sound clips:

  1. Zing Zing-a-Zing!
  2. C’est L’aviron qui Nous Mene
  3. Il Etait un Petit Navire
  4. La Gigue en Descendant
  5. En Passant par la Lorraine
  6. La Valse du Nouveau Temps
  7. Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser
  8. Reel de la Ville
  9. Chevaliers de la Table Ronde
  10. V’la l’bon Vent
  11. La Bastringue
  12. Bonsoir les Amis

CD Credits:

  • Greg Stone – Electric Guitars
  • Chris McKhool – fiddle
  • Anne Lindsay – fiddle
  • Sandy Barter – Trumpet and Flugelhorn
  • Mary-Ellen Allen – vocal
  • Paul Lamoureux – all other instruments and vocal


Scenario CD Cover

Sound clips:

CD Credits:

  • Louis Sedmak – Electric Guitar
  • Jordan Saull – Electric Guitar
  • Paul Shihadeh – Electric Bass
  • Mike Lent – Electric Bass
  • George Koller – Acoustic Bass
  • Steve Hoy – Electric Drums
  • Bruce Mohacsy – Piano
  • Brian Hughes – Nylon String Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
  • Van Wilmott – Keyboard Fretless Bass
  • Rick Shadrach Lazar – Congas, Dumbek, Shekere, “Smooth” Shaker, Horizontal Shaker, Agogo Bells
  • Darren Sheppard – Steel Drums
  • Gary Guthman – Trumpet and Flugelhorn
  • Michael Becker – Banjo
  • Paul Lamoureux – All other instruments

“Paul Lamoureux”

Paul Lamoureux CD Cover

Sound clips:

CD Credits:

  • Louis Sedmak – Acoustic Guitar
  • Billy Abdo – Acoustic Guitar
  • Mike Lent – Electric Bass
  • Paul Shihadeh – Electric Bass
  • Ken Chalmers – Electronic Percussion
  • Steve Hoy – Drums
  • Gary Guthman – Trumpet
  • George Blondheim – Synthesizer/Organ soloist
  • Tommy Banks – Acoustic Piano
  • Paul Lamoureux – All other instruments
Demo Reel

Paul Lamoureux is available as a session musician for your own projects or compositions!

Click here to listen to Paul’s demo reel.

Paul plays the following wind instruments:

  • Soprano sax
  • Alto sax
  • Tenor sax
  • Baritone sax
  • Flute
  • Piccolo
  • Clarinet
  • Oboe
  • Recorders (Sopranino, Soprano, alto, and tenor)
  • Irish Penny whistle
  • Indian wood flute
  • Yamaha WX-7 Wind Controller
The Music